2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge

Our 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge is designed to help students prepare for their UCAT exams. Get UCAT ready before the testing period begins with daily goals and access to our high-quality theory modules, quizzes and mock exams to ace your real UCAT exam!

You have less than two months before the UCAT exam and you’re starting to stress out. Am I prepared for the exam? Have I neglected to study a subtest? Well, don’t fear! Our 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge will provide you will daily goals to ensure that you revise properly and are well-prepared for all your UCAT subtests.


What is it?

Our 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge is an intensive 2-week challenge, designed to fully prepare you for your UCAT exams in a short space of time. It takes the principles of our 8 week challenge and boils them down to 2 intense weeks.

This is the final leg of your marathon. It’s time to give it all you got!

For each day leading up to the UCAT exam, you are expected to complete different goals. We specify what these are in the next section.


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Overview of the 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge

Let’s see what you need to do for each day of the 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge!

Pretty intense, right? Alright, let’s explain what makes UCAT Masterclass so effective.


Theory modules

Theory modules explain what the subtests are and provide you with techniques to deal with every question type (with examples!).



Quizzes are built to test your knowledge and skill of every subtest. Every time you complete a quiz, you will receive a new set of questions. This ensures that you are always learning and being exposed to a variety of question types.

If you want to practice a certain question type, you can simply select that question type for your quizzes instead.

You can even design your own quizzes to specifically target any areas you really struggle with or worry about with our Quiz Builder.


Intelligent reports

Our intelligent reports give you immediate results and feedback. We provide you with answers and explanations for every quiz question.

Intelligent reports provide you with a breakdown of your progress for each question type and compares your results with other students. This will help you identify strengths and weaknesses and focus your learning.

Intelligent reporting ranks you against your peers and the thousands of users that sat the UCAT MED. This is essential as it gives you realistic expectations for your performance.


How do I join?

Join the UCAT Sprint Challenge free to start your UCAT preparation!

To continue with the 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge after the first two days, join UCAT Masterclass Premium for just $99 AUD (approx. £50).

Note: Anyone who buys UCAT Masterclass Premium after 15 May 2023 will automatically join the challenge.




What’s in it for me?

Our 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge will guide you through a structured UCAT daily study planner. Each day, you are given new goals to complete from our quality resources: theory lessons, quizzes and/or exams.

This planner helps you refine the different skills needed to ace the 5 subtests and target your weaknesses.

Not only that, when you sign up for the 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge, you will receive:

  • Full access to UCAT Masterclass Premium Resources until the 2023 UCAT testing period ends
  • A structured UCAT Study
  • Cheatsheet Handbook: A complete breakdown of every UCAT question type and tips to ace them
  • A chance to win UCAT Masterclass Premium for FREE
  • A designated UCAT mentor to help you stay on track


So, how do I win UCAT Masterclass Premium for free?

You must:

  • Click ‘mark lesson as complete’ on all theory content (10 hrs)
  • Complete 10 Quizzes (4 hrs including revision time)
  • Complete an exam paper (3 hrs)

Then, you will go in a draw to receive a full refund of UCAT Masterclass Premium! The winner will be notified via the email address they used to purchase UCAT Masterclass Premium (terms and conditions are here).



What will I gain from joining the Sprint Challenge?

All students come across these issues around this stage of their UCAT journey.


  • Didn’t pay enough attention to all the subtests
  • Forgot how to tackle uncommon/challenging questions
  • Begin to stress
  • Lack exam techniques

But don’t worry! The 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge will fully prepare you for your UCAT exams, so that you don’t have to deal with these issues.

Have you left your UCAT prep to the last minute? Well, don’t worry. The 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge will help you catch up in 14 days!



1. Refresh your memory on the different subtests

Has it been 4 weeks since you practised some Decision Making questions? Do you still remember how to tackle syllogism questions?

Well, our 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge will ensure that you revise all of your subtests!

Our theory content will refresh your memory of how to tackle 65 different UCAT question types.

You will then get a chance to apply these skills and techniques in our quizzes and continue refining them! Don’t worry. We have 2700+ practice questions for you.

This ensures that you know how to deal with every question type for your UCAT exam… even the most uncommon ones.



2. Target weak areas

It is critical that you are targeting your weaknesses earlier rather than later in the UCAT journey.

At this stage, you should be familiar with most questions types already. However, we know that there is always more room for improvement.

Our quizzes and mock exams will help identify your weaknesses and hone your skills to deal with more challenging questions.

After every quiz or exam, our intelligent reporting system will show you:

  • Your overall score
  • The time taken to complete the quiz/exam
  • Your results for each question type
  • Your performance for each question
  • The answer and explanation for each question


UCAT 8 week challenge UCAT Quiz results screenshot

As you can see, our intelligent reports will help you identify your weakest question types and subtests. It shows you the different question types that you answered correctly or incorrectly.


You can then customise your quizzes to focus on your weaknesses and continue to practise them.

Don’t forget to read the detailed answer and explanation to see where you went wrong and how to deal with these question types in the future.



3. Build confidence (not stress!)

The 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge allocates enough time for you to properly revise and practise every subtest, instead of simply focusing on your favourites.

So, there is no need for last-minute cramming sessions or unnecessary stress about not practising enough Verbal Reasoning questions.

This means that you will feel much more confident about your exams… And you know what they say about confidence; it helps you perform better!


4. Refine exam techniques

You know how the saying goes… practice makes perfect!

Our 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge ensures that you get plenty of practice before your actual UCAT exam.

Our quizzes and mock exams simulate the real conditions of the UCAT exams.

This will ensure that you know how to systematically deal with challenging questions under a time limit and refine your exam-taking skills.

Calculator to refine techniques for ucat challenge



2 Week Sprint Challenge in detail:

Let’s break down each day of the 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge and see what you need to do to achieve your best UCAT score!

Remember, for every quiz, ensure that you:

  • Practise every question type
  • Keep track of your errors
  • Read the answers and explanation carefully
  • Identify your most common mistakes and continue to work on them


Day 1: Introduction to UCAT Module (Monday 29 May)

Welcome to the first day of your 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge. Today is all about understanding the UCAT exam and its different subtests.

You need to: 

  • Complete the Introduction to UCAT Chapters

In these chapters, we show you:

  • The structure and format of the UCAT exam
  • How your results are scored
  • Explain the skills required for each subtest
  • Identify different question types
  • Provide examples for each question types


Day 2: Verbal Reasoning theory (Tuesday 30 May)

It is time to get started on your revision! Let’s refresh your memory on Verbal Reasoning.

On Day 2, you need to:

  • Read the Verbal Reasoning theory module

The theory explains: 

  • Keyword questions
  • Direct comprehension questions
  • Evaluation questions
  • Inference questions
  • Insufficient information questions


Day 3: Verbal Reasoning quiz (Wednesday 31 May)

Now, it’s time to practise your Verbal Reasoning skills.

Today, you need to:

  • Complete 2 Verbal Reasoning quizzes


Day 4: Decision Making theory and quiz (Thursday 1 June)

It’s time to refresh your Decision Making knowledge!

On Day 4, you need to: 

  • Read the Decision Making theory module

The theory provides you with techniques to answer: 

  • Syllogism questions
  • Logic puzzle questions
  • Strongest argument questions
  • Interpreting information questions
  • Venn diagram questions
  • Probability questions


Day 5: Decision Making quizzes (Friday 2 June)

Let’s quiz your Decision Making skills.

Today, you need to: 

  • Complete 2 Decision Making quizzes


Day 6-7: Quantitative Reasoning theory (Saturday 3 / Sunday 4 June)

We’re halfway through your 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge!

Since it’s the weekend, pick a day to take a break from your UCAT studies. This is vital to refresh your brain and relax.

This weekend, you need to:

  • Read your Quantitative Reasoning theory module

The theory shows you how to tackle: 

  • Table or chart reading questions
  • Questions on percentages
  • Questions on averages
  • Ratio and proportionality questions
  • Rates and conversion questions
  • Perimeter, Area and volume question


Day 8: Quantitative Reasoning quiz (Monday 5 June)

After your break, let’s get back at it!

On Day 8, you need to:

  • Complete 2 Quantitative Reasoning quizzes


Day 9: Abstract Reasoning theory (Tuesday 6 June)

We’re past the halfway mark! Let’s keep going.

Today, you need to: 

  • Read your Abstract Reasoning theory chapters

The theory will provide you with techniques to deal with:

  • Set A/Set B: Number of shapes questions
  • Set A/Set B: Abstract features questions
  • Set A/Set B: Position questions
  • Set A/Set B: Size, shading and direction questions
  • Set A/Set B: Combination questions
  • Sequence and analogy questions


Day 10: Abstract Reasoning quiz (Wednesday 7 June)

Now, it’s time to put your Abstract Reasoning knowledge to the test!

Today, you need to: 

  • Complete 2 Abstract Reasoning quiz


Day 11: Situational Judgement theory and quiz (Thursday 8 June)

Congratulations. Today is your final theory work!

You need to: 

  • Read your Situational Judgement theory module

The theory will go through: 

  • Direct patient care
  • Minimising risks in patient care
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Empathy and support


Day 12: Situational Judgement quiz (Friday 9 June)

You know it. It’s time to test your Situational Judgement skills.

You need to: 

  • Complete 2 Situational Judgement quiz


Day 13-14: Mock Exam (Saturday 10 / Sunday 11 June)

Today’s your last day for the 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge. Now, it is time to put your knowledge and skills of each subtest to the test.

Our UCAT mock exam simulates the real UCAT exam. You will receive the same amount of questions under the same time limit.

You can read our 5 UCAT Strategies You Must Know Before the Exam Day article to find some effective tips and tricks to help you take your UCAT exam.

Today, you will need to: 

  • Complete a UCAT Mock Exam


Days leading up to your UCAT Exam

You have approximately 1 month remaining before your UCAT exam!

Use these weeks to:

  1. Revise your theory as needed
  2. Complete the remainder of the quizzes and focus on accuracy and speed
  3. Complete the remaining exams and review your answers

Note: You should leave Exam 1 and 2023 UCAT MED last as they give you a mock score and ranking.

Good luck! Stay on task and ace your exams!


Join the 2 Week UCAT Sprint Challenge now!

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