8 Week UCAT Challenge

Are you finding it difficult to pace yourself or stay on top of your UCAT study? With the UCAT Masterclass 8 Week UCAT Challenge, we provide you a weekly guide to complete your UCAT theory and quizzes to ace your exam!

Do you struggle to commit to study? Do you need a goal, or competition, to rise to your best? Our 8 week UCAT challenge will whip your marks into shape. This is like a bootcamp, but for your UCAT skills.


What is the 8 Week UCAT Challenge?

Our unique 8 Week UCAT Challenge is designed to help you prepare for your UCAT exam and ace it. The challenge sets you a series of goals for each of the 8 weeks in the lead up to the UCAT exam.

Steady preparation means no last-minute stress! No nasty exam surprises!


Overview of the 8 Week Challenge

Let’s see what each week requires you to do!


During the challenge, we provide you with our Theory Modules. Each Module explains a different subtest and provides you with examples and strategies to tackle them.

Then, once you’re ready, you can complete the quizzes to test your skills for that subtest!

Each time you do a quiz, you will receive a mixture of questions. This way, you’re applying your skills to a wide variety of questions. If you want to focus on a particular question type, you can select that question type for the quizzes.

You can access your quiz results immediately. We provide the solutions and explanations for all the questions so you understand how to get the right answers. Our intelligent reporting will give you a breakdown of how you’re going in each question type and, also, how you compare to everyone else. This helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and direct your learning.


How do I join?

All you need to do is sign up by 2 April 2023 and complete the weekly goals in Week 1 and 2. If you wish to continue with the Challenge, simply purchase UCAT Masterclass Premium for $99.00 (RRP $195.00) by 16 April 2023.


What’s in it for me?

With our 8 Week UCAT Challenge, we will guide you week-by-week to complete the UCAT theory and quizzes to ace your exam in July!

Pace your studies for the UCAT marathon with our guided weekly activities.

The 8 Week UCAT Challenge runs from 27 March 2023 – 21 May 2023. Learn from our exceptional theory content and practise with our quizzes and exams.

If you join our 8 Week UCAT Challenge from 13 March 2023 – 17 April 2023, you get a 49% discount off UCAT Masterclass Premium. That’s only $99 AUD (RPP $195) or £50 GBP (£99).

To read more about our Terms and Conditions, click here.



What will I gain by joining the Challenge?

Too often, students either last-minute cram their UCAT study, lose motivation or neglect the subtests they don’t like.

With our 8 Week UCAT Challenge, you will never worry about these problems!

The goal of this challenge is to keep you motivated right up to your UCAT exams and provide you with the right resources and tools to achieve your best UCAT mark.


1. Refine your skills

Our UCAT experts have curated the best strategies to ace all the UCAT subtests. We teach you techniques to tackle all 65 UCAT question types and provide 2700+ practice questions for you to practise these techniques.

So, our exceptional resources will improve your:

  • Comprehension
  • Logical and critical thinking skills
  • Understanding of moral and ethical standards
  • Numerical problem-solving skills
  • Visual mapping skills
  • Speed whilst maintaining accuracy


2. Stay motivated

With structured weekly guides, you will have an exact to-do list for each week.

We have structured the theory, quizzes and exams in a very practical and manageable way. All our content and quizzes have easy-to-follow instructions and clear explanations.

This means that you will still have time to focus on your school subjects and not burn out!

Think about it this way: You only need to spend a few hours on the challenge a couple of days a week to complete it. And, when you learn consistently, you boost retention and entrench your new skills.


3. Consistently improve

You can easily track your progress with our intelligent reports.

For the quizzes, you’ll see your:

  • Your overall score
  • Your time
  • Your results for each question type
  • Your performance for each question
  • The answer and explanation for each question

UCAT 8 week challenge UCAT Quiz results screenshot

You will also be able to view your progress over time compared to everybody else.

You can use this information to identify your weaknesses and target them by customising your quizzes.

The exam report will show you a break down of the questions you got right and wrong. Exam 1 and the UCAT MED 2023 exams have been done by thousands of people and so we can give you an accurate mock UCAT score and ranking.

UCAT 8 week challenge UCAT Exam 1 screenshot of results

All quiz and exam questions come with detailed explanations of the answers.

It is so easy to target your weaknesses and improve with these features!


4. FREE exclusive UCAT resources and prizes

If you take part in the challenge, we’re going to offer some prizes and bonus resources to keep you motivated. Yes, you heard that right, we’re helping you ace your UCAT exams AND giving out free resources and prizes!


What happens once I sign up?

Once you sign up and commit to the 8 Week UCAT Challenge, you will receive:

  • Full access to UCAT Masterclass Premium until the end of the 2023 UCAT testing period
  • A UCAT e-calendar planner and motivational wallpapers for your phone
  • A chance to win UCAT Masterclass Premium when you have completed all the weekly goals (we will refund you the purchase price)
  • A designated UCAT Mentor to help you be on track


Once you complete the challenge…

You will be in the running to receive a full refund for your UCAT Masterclass Premium access!

However, to be in the running for the full refund you must:

  • Click ‘mark lesson as complete’ on all theory content (We can’t track your completed chapters unless you do this!)
  • Complete 25 quizzes on UCAT Masterclass
  • Complete at least 2 exam papers.

The draw for the winner will take place on 26 May 2023. The winner will be notified via the email address they used to purchase UCAT Masterclass Premium.


Here’s what the 8 week challenge looks like in detail

Let’s have a look at what we’ll do each week to get your UCAT marks in shape.


Week 1: Introduction to UCAT (27 March – 2 April)

This is the first week of our 8 Week UCAT Challenge! We’re taking it slow this week. It is all about getting to know everything about the UCAT exam.

This week, you need to:

  1. Read your 2 Introduction to UCAT chapters

We explain:

  • What the UCAT is
  • The structure and format of the exam
  • How your results are scored

Also, we introduce you to the 5 different UCAT subtests. We:

  • Explain the skills that each subtest examines
  • Identify their different question types
  • Provide examples of questions

Why should you read the Introduction?

This week gives you an overview of the UCAT exam, so you know what to expect from our 8 Week UCAT Challenge and the UCAT Exam itself.


Week 2: Verbal Reasoning theory and quizzes (3 April – 9 April)

Are you ready to work? Hope you got some rest because it’s time to get started on Verbal Reasoning!

This week, you need to:

  1. Read your 6 Verbal Reasoning chapters
  2. Complete 2 quizzes

Remember to focus on accuracy and review the answers and explanations!

The theory explains how to tackle:

  • Keyword questions
  • Direct comprehension questions
  • Evaluation questions
  • Inference questions
  • Insufficient information questions

Why should you do the quizzes?

  • Practice different question types
  • Apply the skills you’ve learned from the chapters
  • Find your weak spots to further improve
  • Familiarise yourself with the subtest


Week 3: Decision Making theory and quizzes (10 April – 16 April)

Here’s your weekly dose of UCAT study!

This week, you need to:

  1. Read your 7 Decision Making chapters
  2. Complete 2 Decision Making quizzes.

Remember to focus on accuracy and review your answers!

The theory provides you with techniques to tackle:

  • Syllogism questions
  • Logic puzzle questions
  • Strongest argument questions
  • Interpreting information questions
  • Venn diagram questions
  • Probability questions


Week 4: Quantitative Reasoning theory and quizzes (17 April – 23 April)

You’re halfway there!

This week, you need to:

  1. Read your 7 Quantitative Reasoning chapters
  2. Complete 2 Quantitative Reasoning quizzes

Remember to focus on accuracy and review your answers!

The theory shows you the techniques to tackle:

  • Table or chart reading questions
  • Questions on percentages
  • Questions on averages
  • Ratio and proportionality questions
  • Rates and conversion questions
  • Perimeter, Area and volume questions


Week 5: Abstract Reasoning theory and quizzes (24 April – 30 May)

You’re on your second-last subtest!

This week, you need to:

  1. Read your 7 Abstract Reasoning chapters
  2. Complete 2 Abstract Reasoning quizzes
  3. Review your answers

Remember to focus on accuracy and review your answers!

The theory provides you with techniques to tackle:

  • Set A/Set B: Number of shapes questions
  • Set A/Set B: Abstract features questions
  • Set A/Set B: Position questions
  • Set A/Set B: Size, shading and direction questions
  • Set A/Set B: Combination questions
  • Sequence and analogy questions



Week 6: Situational Judgement theory and quizzes (1 April – 7 May)

Say “hello” to your last sub-test and theory study block!

This week, you need to:

  1. Read your 7 chapters of Situational Judgement theory
  2. Complete 2 Situational Judgement quizzes

Remember to focus on accuracy and review your answers!

The theory teaches you techniques to tackle questions concerning:

  • Direct patient care
  • Minimising risks in patient care
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Empathy and support


Week 7: Revise, more quizzes and Exam Paper 2 (8 May – 14 May)

Now that you finished all the theory, it is time to revise and target your weak spots.

This week, you should:

  1. Complete 1 quiz for each subtest (that’s 5 quizzes in total!)
  2. Go through the quiz reporting and identify your weaknesses
    1. Identify the three question types you most struggle with for each subtest
  3. Revise the relevant theory
  4. Complete Exam #2 and revise the solutions

At this stage, you shouldn’t just focus on accuracy in your quizzes… you need to also focus on speed! Doing the exam will give you an idea of the time pressure you will be under and the speeds you need to achieve.

Why should you do additional quizzes?

  • Identify your weaknesses and target them
  • Refine your exam-taking skills
  • Improve your speed

Why should you do the Exam Paper?

  • Our UCAT exam papers simulate the real UCAT exam so you get a feel for the real thing
  • Practice your speed and accuracy
  • Find your weaknesses and work on them



Week 8: Revise, 2 Quizzes per subtest and Exam Paper 3 (15 May – 21 May)

It’s the last week of the 8 Week UCAT Challenge! You’re nearly there.

This week, you need to:

  1. Revise theory as needed
  2. Complete 2 quizzes from each subtest (that’s 10 quizzes in total!) focusing on speed and accuracy
  3. Complete Exam #3 and review your answers.


The final weeks leading up to your UCAT Exam!

You have a bit more than 4 weeks until your UCAT exam!

Use these weeks to:

  1. Revise your theory as needed
  2. Complete the remainder of the quizzes and focus on accuracy and speed
  3. Complete the remaining exams and review your answers

Note: You should leave Exam 1 and 2023 UCAT MED last as they give you a mock score and ranking.

Good luck! Stay on task and ace your exams!


Do you want help getting UCAT ready in 8 weeks?

Take the UCAT challenge and let us get your skills in shape! Learn more.

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