The 5 UCAT Keyboard Shortcuts You Need

Essential keyboard shortcuts to be used in the UCAT exam to help you save time and get ahead.

We know that timing is a huge challenge in the UCAT exam. To solve that we’ve listed the 5 UCAT Keyboard Shortcuts you need to beat the clock.


How do I beat the clock with UCAT keyboard shortcuts?

Get familiar with these UCAT keyboard shortcuts which can save you time in the real exam!

Alt + C = Calculator
Alt + N = Next question
Alt + P = Previous question
Alt + F = Flag a question
Num Lock = Activate number keypad


What do the UCAT keyboard shortcuts do and why do I need them?

Let’s take a look at why you need these shortcuts.


UCAT Calculator

The on-screen calculator is essential for solving many of the questions in the Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Making subtests.

Alt + C = Calculator

Hitting alt+c will get your on-screen calculator out. You want to make sure that you know and practice the UCAT Calculator shortcuts to save as much time as possible.

To use the UCAT calculator shortcuts, first, you’ll need to…

Activate the Keypad

Num Lock = Activate number keypad

Simply hit Num Lock and you’re good to go.


Next Question and Previous Question

You can cycle through the questions using these UCAT keyboard shortcuts:

Alt + N = Next question
Alt + P = Previous question

This is a simple but essential time-saver if you’re scanning questions to optimise your time spent and flag those which are difficult to return to.

This means you’ll need to know the shortcut for how to…


Flag a Question

If you want to cut your losses and move on to a different question, the Flag a question shortcut will help you mark those difficult questions for quick identification. You can these easily return to them.

Alt + F = Flag a question


Practise, Practise, Practise!

The UCAT Masterclass UCAT simulator is a great opportunity for you to practice your shortcuts and optimise your UCAT skills. You can even design your own UCAT quizzes so that you can hone in on the skills you need!


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