What is the UCAT Mock Exam Day (M.E.D.)?

In this article, we explain why you must sit the UCAT M.E.D. if you want to boost your UCAT score

Each year, UCAT Masterclass offers students around the globe the opportunity to sit a combined FREE UCAT Mock Exam – this is UCAT M.E.D.! In this article, we’ll explain why you must sit the UCAT M.E.D. to boost your UCAT score.

What is the UCAT M.E.D.?

The UCAT Mock Exam Day (UCAT M.E.D.) is a FREE online UCAT trial exam open to anyone worldwide. It’s as close as we can get you to a real UCAT exam, so by participating in it you can receive:

  • A realistic experience of doing the exam,
  • A mock UCAT score, and
  • Your rank against your peers.

The UCAT M.E.D. helps you test your exam readiness by taking the mock UCAT exam and receiving your results and rankings. It helps you refine your exam strategy by practicing your exam skills and the keyboard shortcuts using the UCAT exam format so there are no surprises on the day you sit the test.


No really, what does the UCAT M.E.D. cost?

Nothing. It is a free UCAT Mock exam day to help students prepare because we like seeing students succeed!

When is the UCAT M.E.D. held?

It is held early, ahead of the actual UCAT exam period so that you can identify your strengths and have time to address your weaknesses. You will see how you rank against your peers and the areas you need to focus on so that you are better prepared for the real thing.


The 2023 UCAT M.E.D. will be held on Sunday 26 February 2023

You can register here https://www.ucatmasterclass.com/ucat-med/ by creating a free account on UCAT Masterclass.




What happens after I register?

UCAT Masterclass has several exams on offer:

  1. There is a free exam that you can do at any time. It gives you a mock UCAT score and ranking based on past student’s results.
  2. There is the UCAT M.E.D. which will run on the 27th of February 2022 only. This will give you a mock UCAT score and ranking based on the results of other participants.


What do I get if I purchase the full UCAT Masterclass?

If you purchase the UCAT Masterclass course you will have access to another four exams, which you can do at any time. (As well as lots of other practice questions and resources.)
Just remember that you can only do each exam once, and you can’t pause once you start. This is so that the exams are realistic and as similar as possible to the real UCAT.


I want my UCAT M.E.D. results, when are they released?

The results will be released on Tuesday 1 March 2022.


How do I get the most out of the UCAT M.E.D.?

Here are some tips to get the most out of the UCAT M.E.D.:

Make it as realistic as possible

Give yourself the opportunity to make the exam as realistic as possible:

  • Like the UCAT exam, you only get one shot at the UCAT M.E.D.
  • Once you start you cannot pause. The timer keeps running! Try and do the exam under exam conditions – in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.
  • You should only use a pen and blank paper for notes and working.
  • Only use the on-screen calculator.

That’s right, it’s just like the real UCAT exam!


Speed is key

Keep an eye on the timer as it’s easy to lose track of time. Check the time periodically, this will give you an indication of whether you need to speed up or slow down.

Use the keyboard shortcuts to increase your speed.

Make sure you are a master with the onscreen UCAT calculator.


Answer every question

There is no negative marking in the UCAT. To maximise your UCAT score, make sure you answer every single question even if you guess.


Guess, flag and skip difficult questions

You will not have time to fixate on any single question. If you find yourself being stuck, guess and flag the question and return to it at the end of that section if you have spare time. Remember, the goal of UCAT is not to get all questions right but to get as many questions right as you can in the given time.


Preview the question

It may be useful to skim the actual questions before reading the given information, particularly if it is a long passage with a lot of text. This will give you an idea of what the question is looking for.

Make sure you read our UCAT strategies for UCAT domination.


Are you ready to boost your UCAT Performance?

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to test yourself and get a realistic UCAT exam experience before the UCAT exam!



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