University of Bristol: UCAT and Course Entry Information

Are you thinking about doing a Medicine or Dental surgery degree at the University of Bristol? Are you still confused about your entry requirements? Well, this article explains everything you need to know about University of Bristol's UCAT and course requirements!

In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of the University of Bristol and the medicine courses it offers which require UCAT for admission.

An overview of The University of Bristol

The University of Bristol was initially established in 1876 as University College, Bristol until 1909 when it formally changed to a University.

The different schools are located in various buildings around the University Precinct, with each building in close proximity of one another.

The School of Medicine is located on Tyndall Street, close to the hospital and infirmary where students undergo clinical experience.

The University of Bristol also offers a range of accommodation options, spread out across the precinct. Each accommodation option has different features and pricing. There are 25 residences all within 3 miles / 4.8 km of the campus. For example, Churchill Hall offers 355 places and provides catered meals, with a range of room options starting at £185 per week.

The university has over 300 societies and clubs for students to choose from (including a DJ society and a hot-air balloon society), large study spaces and an extensive sports, exercise and health facilities.


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University of Bristol Medical Courses offered that require UCAT

Medical CoursesCourse CodeEntry RequirementsLength of CourseCampus Taught
Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of SurgeryA100ATAR (for NSW):

  • A high ATAR is required.

A-level Standard offer:

  • AAA

SQA (for UK):

  • Five Highers: five full academic courses at AAAAB

IB (International Baccalaureate for International students):

  • At least 36 points overall with 18 at Higher Level

EB (European Baccalaureate for European students):

  • Minimum 85% overall



For A-level standard offer:

  • AA in Chemistry
  • AA in either Biology, Physics or Mathematics

For SQA, Advanced Higher:

  • Chemistry: AA
  • AA in either Biology, Physics or Mathematics

For IB:

  •  Subjects at Higher Level (to achieve grade 6)
    1. Chemistry
    2. Maths, Biology or Physics

For EB:

  • Chemistry (min 8.5)
  • 1 subjects (min 8.5) from:
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Biology

Entry Requirement

Acceptance is based on student’s academic results, UCAT results and their interview.

Student’s UCAT scores are ranked for an interview offer. The UCAT threshold changes year-by-year, however in 2019 applicants with a UCAT score higher than 2730 were invited for an interview.

In circumstances where two students scored similar results, the University will examine their Situational Judgement scores to decide.

Application Process:

  • Students are required to apply through UCAS.
  • Students are required to achieve the minimum academic standards covered above
  • Students also need to sit the UCAT exam and score a high mark
  • If selected, students will need to attend an interview between December and April.
  • The university encourages students to do a minimum of 2 weeks of work experience in a health-related environment, which they may be asked to reflect on in their interview.


Interview Criteria and structure:

  • Criteria: The interview assesses your insights into a range of topics related to a career in medicine, skills and attributes required for the field.
  • Structure:
    • The interview is structured as Multiple Mini Interviews.
    • There are 7 stations with each station assessing a specific criterion.
    • Each station is 6 minutes long and has two interviewers.


Other options to entry:

  • If a student is unsuccessful or doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, they can apply through the Gateway to Medicine program. The program is open to select schools and colleges in the UK only.


5 years full-timeClifton Campus
Bachelor of Dental SurgeryA206Entry Requirement: 

Academic Requirements:

  • The Academic requirements for this program are the same as those for the Medicine program.
  • Offer for an interview to this program, however, is based upon the following requirements:
    • Academic requirement: 30%
    • Personal statement: 35%
    • UCAT: 35%

Non-Academic Requirements:

  • Students must write a Personal Statement to demonstrate their wide range of skills and attributes. The Personal Statement will be judged based on:
    • Evidence of work experience and motivation to study dentistry
    • Evidence of teamwork or non-academic achievements
    • Evidence of contribution to society.
  • UCAS application


  • There is no cut-off score for the UCAT.


  • Interviews are structured as Multiple Mini Interviews.
  • Applicants will be required to show evidence of volunteering or work experience in the interview,
  • The interview will focus on the skills and knowledge of the student in becoming a successful dentist.
5 Years full-timeClifton Campus



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