Griffith University: UCAT and Course Entry Information (2021 Update)

In this article, we give you the run-down on the Griffith University courses that require UCAT. (We recently updated our article to ensure that you're always receiving the right information!)

Since 2021, Griffith University has introduced the UCAT exam for their Dental Surgery Course. In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of Griffith University and its Dental course which require UCAT for admission.


An Overview of Griffith University

Griffith University was established over 40 years ago in Queensland. Today, there are 6 campuses:


Griffith offers students a variety of clubs and societies like the Frisbee team, Anime and Manga society, Badminton club, and the Disney Appreciation Society etc that are available for all students. The University also offers accomodation on campus and at partner homes.



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Medical Courses Offered that require UCAT

Griffith University offers the Dental Health Science Course to undergraduate students. The following table outlines the course offered, its specifics, and entry requirements including UCAT score.

Medical CoursesCourse CodeEntry RequirementsLength of courseCampus taught
Dental Health ScienceQTAC CODE
Academic requirements:


  • Does not apply


  • 1


  • Is not specified



Students are required to sit:

  • English:
    • English as an Additional; Language;
    • Literature; or
    • English and Literature Extension

The University also recommends the following subjects:

  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics; or
  • Mathematical Methods


Application process:

All students must:

  • Achieve the minimum academic requirements listed above
  • Achieve a high rank in their UCAT exam
  • Pass the interview


Interview Criteria and structure:

For 2021, interviews are to be held online.

  • Criteria: Griffith University are
    • Motivation to study and work in Dentistry;
    • Teamwork skills;
    • Communication and Empathy;
    • Ethics and Social Awareness;
    • Critical Thinking skills.
  • Structure:


Other options to entry:

Students who already graduated with a degree are able to take this course. Applicants are ranked based on their GPA and are given an offer based on the following scoring method:

  • Courses completedGPARank


3 years full-timeGold Coast Campus




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