UCAT University Course Guide ANZ | Australia & New Zealand

Do you need help figuring out which medical degree you should take at which university? Well, in this UCAT Guide, we've compiled a list of all the essential info about universities, course offerings, and university rankings all in one spot for Australia and New Zealand.

Preparing for UCAT is stressful enough without hunting down all the course and entry requirement information for different degrees at different universities. To take some of the burden off you, we’ve compiled everything you need to know in our University Course Guide ANZ (Australia and New Zealand).




What is this guide?

This is a comprehensive guide to all of the universities in Australia and New Zealand whose degrees for medicine, dentistry, or medical science require a UCAT score.

We’ve included each of the universities listed on the UCAT ANZ website.

For each university, we’ve included the degrees they offer and the information we have about UCAT cutoffs.



How do I use this UCAT University Course guide?

You can search this guide by using the navigation to the articles on each university.

If you are looking to compare specific degrees or types of university degrees, you can navigate to those pages from the links in the table below:



How do I choose the right university for me?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that. But we can give you the information you require to make an informed decision in our UCAT university course guide (ANZ).

When considering which university to attend, you need to take a wide variety of factors into consideration:

  • Your ATAR
  • You UCAT score
  • The degree you’d like to get into
  • The degrees offered by the universities
  • The cost of the degree
  • Whether the degree comes with vocational options (like rural medicine)
  • The university’s reputation (is it internationally recognised? Is it a G8 uni?)
  • The location of the university
  • Its proximity to your friends and family
  • Its campus life
  • The local cost of living

It is really important that you do research around the different degrees you are in interested in and the universities you wish to attend.

You should also have in-depth discussions with your:

  • Parents
  • School teachers
  • Career advisers
  • University admissions officers
  • Friends and family

Choosing a university and degree is a pretty big decision. You need to be realistic about which degrees and universities are feasible in terms of your expected ATAR, UCAT score and financial viability.

The more people you discuss things with, the more informed your decision will be.


How is this UCAT University Course Guide structured?

Each of the pages in this university guide deals with an individual university that requires UCAT for entry into its courses.

For each university, we’ve included the following sections:

  • Overview: A brief discussion of its history, location, amenities, and campus life
  • Rankings: The university’s international rankings (if any)
  • Medical courses offered: A list of the medical courses on offer, the ATAR / IB and UCAT scores required, and must-know information about interviews and other entry options

Because UCAT is an admissions test for the UK and Australia / New Zealand we are also hard at work on a guide to UK universities. We will also be adding a section to this guide for UK students eager to consider universities in the Southern Hemisphere.

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