Charles Sturt University: UCAT and Course Entry Information

In this article, we give you the run-down on the Charles Sturt University courses that require UCAT.

In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of Charles Sturt University and the medicine courses it offers which require UCAT for admission.

An Overview

Charles Sturt University was established in 1989 with the merging of various regional institutes in regional NSW. The start of the university dates back to 1895 with the establishment of Bathurst Experiment Farm.

Currently, the university has various campuses:

There are 45,460 students enrolled across the various campuses at the university.

Accommodation is offered on a majority of the campuses and is priced at affordable costs. Students are able to also make the most of CHEERS meal plans which are available for both on campus and off campus students.

The complete university experience at Charles Sturt involved being a part of one (or more) of the clubs offered, going to social events and live gigs, and making the most of the recreational facilities.



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Medical Courses Offered and UCAT requirements

The University offers Dental Science to undergraduate students. The following table outlines the course offered, its specifics, and entry requirements.

Medical CoursesCourse CodeEntry RequirementsLength of courseCampus taught
Bachelor of Dental Science214738ATAR:

Charles Sturt University doesn’t state the minimum ATAR students are expected to receive.


The university doesn’t state the minimum or average IB score required for admission.


There are no prerequisites for the degree. However, students wanting to pursue a career in dentistry should look at doing at least one of the sciences. Students are also expected to have strong English and Mathematics skills.

Entry Requirements:

Student applications are ranked for an offer based upon the combination of UCAT, ATAR and Interview results.

Application process:

  • Students must sit the UCAT and apply via UAC.
  • After receiving a competitive UCAT score, prospective students will be offered interviews. Offers are based on the outcome of the interview.
  • Approximately, 50% of the places are reserved for rural and/or Indigenous students.

Interview Criteria and structure:

  • Criteria: The interview will test the student’s communication skills, their motivation for applying, commitment to a rural and regional dental practice, problem solving and spatial awareness skills.
  • Structure: The interview will be a panel interview.

Other options to entry:

  • Students who are not offered a place at the completion of year 12 can do an internal transfer. The various methods to receive an interview are:
  • Be enrolled in a CSU course at the time of applying and have completed a minimum of 1-year full-time study with a GPA of 5.5 or higher.
  • Be enrolled in a CSU course at the time of applying and have completed less than 1 year of full–time student with a GPA greater than 5.5 and an ATAR higher than 90.
  • Alternatively, if you are a CSU student and do not meet the above requirements you are able to do the UCAT again.

Degree facts:

At the completion of the degree, students are registered as Dental Practitioners.

5 years full-timeOrange
Bachelor of MedicineNAStarting from 2021, Charles Sturt in conjunction with Western Sydney will offer a Doctor of Medicine Program in Orange.

More information regarding this program will come soon.




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