Flinders University: UCAT and Course Information (2021 Update)

In this article, we give you the run-down on the Flinders University courses that require UCAT. (We recently updated our article to ensure that you're always receiving the right information!)

In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of Flinders University and the medical courses it offers which require UCAT for admission.

In this article on Finders University,


An Overview

Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, was established in 1966 and currently has over 26,000 students enrolled. The university has various campuses:

Flinders offers on-campus accommodation:

Living on campus, students can easily access their classes, engage in social activities and study.

The university has a range of eateries and offers many social, and sport activities. The university has also started building Flinders Village which will enhance campus life and the overall university experience.


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Medical Courses Offered and UCAT requirements

The University offers a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/ Doctor of Medicine to high-school leavers.

The following outlines the course offered, its specifics, and entry requirements such as UCAT score:


Bachelor of Clinical Sciences / Doctor of Medicine

Course CodeCourse LengthCampus
214941, 1148316 years full-time
Years 1-2: Bachelor of Clinical SciencesYears 3-6: Doctor of Medicine
Bedford Park


Entry Requirements:


The minimum ATAR required to secure a place in this degree at the university is 95.


Flinders doesn’t mention the minimum IB score required. However, in the past, the minimum IB requirement was 37.


There are no prerequisites for this degree.

Entry Requirements:

  • Students applying for the double degree in Adelaide must not have studied any tertiary degrees before commencing.
  • Students who are applying for Darwin can have completed up to 1 year of full-time tertiary study.

Application process:

Student applications are ranked for an offer based upon the combination of scores. The value for each of these scores is:

  • UCAT Results: 10% (Only section 1- 4 are used)
  • Academic Results: 90%

Interview Criteria and structure:

There is no interview for this program. It is based purely upon your Year 12 marks and UCAT results.

Other options to entry:

  • Up to 5 places are available for Indigenous applicants as part of the university’s annual quota.
  • There is a quota of places available for rural applicants.

Degree facts:

  • In the final year of your degree, you have the ability to complete 12 weeks of placement overseas.
  • Students are able to choose a health science or medical science focus in the clinical science component of their program.

Note: Students must pass all units in Bachelor of Clinical Sciences with a GPA of 5 or more to progress into Doctor of Medicine. Students who are unable to progress can transfer to Bachelor of Health Science, or Bachelor of Medical Science.



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