University of Tasmania: UCAT and Course Information (2021 Update)

In this article, we give you the run-down on the University of Tasmania courses that require UCAT. (We recently updated our article to ensure that you're always receiving the right information!)

In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of The University of Tasmania and the medicine courses it offers that require UCAT for admission.


In this article on The University of Tasmania,


An Overview of The University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania was established in 1890 and is the fourth oldest university in Australia.

Located in Tasmania, each campus is close to the coast and wildlife. Currently, there are over 38,000 students enrolled in the university.

Accommodation is available both on-campus and off-campus for students. Options include:

  • Hobart Apartments
  • Fountainside
  • John Fisher College
  • University Apartments
  • And others.

The university has a vibrant student life- ranging from social events all the way to culture, art, and nature. Depending on the campus you are at, you are able to immerse yourself into a range of experiences that suit you.


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The University of Tasmania Medical Courses Offered that require UCAT

The University offers Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery to undergraduate students.

The following outlines the course offered, its specifics, and entry requirements like UCAT and ATAR scores:


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Course CodeCourse LengthCampus
NA5 Years full-timeHobart


Entry Requirements


  • The minimum ATAR required to secure a place in this degree at the university is 95.
  • Although the minimum ATAR is 95, a significantly higher ATAR is required to gain entry.

Tasmanian Certificate of Education and SA results:

  • At least 4 Level 3 / Level 4 subjects accredited by TASC


The minimum IB score required is 36.


The degree has a number of prerequisites students must satisfy. These include:

  • Year 12 English OR English Literature OR English Writing; and
  • Year 12 Chemistry

Entry Requirements:

  • After meeting the minimum academic requirements, applicants will be ranked based on their ATAR.
  • Applicants will also need to score a UCAT score than is greater than or equal to the 50th percentile to be considered a position in the University. This score is based on the first 4 sections (excludes situational judgement).

Interview Criteria and structure:

There is no interview for admission into this program.

Other options to entry:

If you are not offered a place at the completion of Year 12, there are other entry pathways into admission. these include:

  • BMedRes Competitive Entry Scheme: Students studying BMedRes can apply through this scheme if they meet prerequisite requirements.
  • Rural Entry Scheme
  • Aboriginal Entry Scheme

Degree facts:

  • 30% of the places are Bonded Medical Places.
  • There are 100 domestic places available.
  • In 2023, UTAS will begin to accept students who completed an Australian Bachelor course or higher: Bachelor of Medical Research Preferred Pathway Scheme




Clinical placement information

Students begin transitioning to clinical experience in the 3rd year of the degree. Y

During Years 4 through 5, students begin a series of clinical rotations. Students will undertake the final two (2) years of the course in clinical placements at one of the three Clinical Schools:

  1. Hobart Clinical School
  2. Launceston Clinical School
  3. Rural Clinical School

By the time students complete their fifth and final year of study, they will possess the skills, knowledge and attitudes to begin supervised practice as an intern in Australia or New Zealand.

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